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Testimonial Essay (University of Surabaya, Indonesia)

Testimonial Essay for 3rd AUAP GLP

Ivon (Faculty of Engineering) +6285 643 570 013
Christopher (Faculty of Law) +6281 232 584 584
University of Surabaya, East Java - Indonesia

The first time we got an information about the 3rd AUAP Global Leadership Program, we were very excited to join. We were very ecstatic when our university chose us as the representatives in joining this program. At first, we did not have any idea what it would be like, but we hope that we can enrich our knowledge, expand our global networking, broaden our horizon and also gain a great deal of new experience through this program. Since being in Malaysia, we have learned many things more than we have expected before. We have learned not to be a judgmental person, and how to become a good leader which is inspiring and motivating others to reach their goals. Being here, we have experienced different cultures and different languages which have changed our perception of life. Travel overseas allowed us to widen our perspectives and become more self-sufficient. It also makes us feel more confident and independent than when we left Indonesia.