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AUAP - GLP Essay

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We heard about the Global Leadership Program from our university when they recommended it to us, and we were very quick to agree to attend the program. Admittedly, we were mostly just excited to go to Malaysia for the first time, but after the weight of what we were going to be doing started to sink in we started to get a little nervous. We thought the events would require us to do things that we may not have been too experienced in, that they may not be as exciting as they were made out to be. But after arriving and going through a couple of sessions, we realised how wrong we were. The sessions were all very interesting, and thankfully very entertaining at the same time. UKM's facilities also exceeded our expectations, from the buildings and rooms to the food and drinks. We are very thankful that we were given the opportunity to come to UKM and attend the AUAP Global Leadership Program, and we hope that others may experience future programs with the same enthusiasm and satisfaction that we have.