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Faisal Bahrun
Adityo Eka Nugraha
Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia

It is the first time for both of us to go abroad, and the this first time experience gave us a lot to take. Global Leadership Program is really a great program to enhance our capability in terms of leadership skills. It is also s great program to increase the ability of us in communication skills, teamwork, creativity, and presentation. This program broaden our networking that even larger than before. The variety of the participant that came from many different countries and cultures, also universities gave us expereience that we never felt before. Above all, this program can make such a good friendship bond among all the participant, which a leader had to have. In terms of leadership training and knowledge, this program gave us a lot of new perspective, new knowledge about how to be not just a good leader but a great leader that has ability to speak up but doní»t close their heart to listen to others. The expectation after joining this program is that, we as the future leaders of ourselves, our communities, or even our countries can get a lot of new thing and new perspective about being a great leader. We hope that the bond of the friendship that we make in this program can last long until in the next few years when all of us meet again we already become a successful leader, whether it is a small communities or even a country.